Global Supply Chain

At American Biosurgical, we make the sourcing process simple by becoming the global purchasing agent responsible for each and every input that goes into our clients’ medical interconnects. By internally managing domestic and off-shore relationships with dozens of partners from state of the art connectors suppliers to highly qualified cable extruders, our company has become a one stop shop for our customer’s abundant medical cable sourcing needs.

American Biosurgical offers a complete world wide logistics and inventory management service to our medical OEM clients. With the onset of our Hong Kong distribution center, our clients now have the ability to easily track product shipments across the globe and can confidently expect and rely upon a consolidated air, ground and freight door-to-door service.

American Biosurgical also leverages domestic distribution facilities in Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA. In particular, the Georgia facility serves as a warehouse for maintaining critical inventory levels as we offer our clients first rate JIT, Kan-Ban, and “0” day lead-times on deliveries with the ability to ship directly to our clients’ end-customers.

Given that this facility also houses 510K approved products that are licensed under our own name in addition to our clients’ OEM products, we have registered this site with the FDA and consistently follow Good Manufacturing Procedures and guidelines.


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