Design and Engineering Support

When working with American Biosurgical for your medical cable design, OEM customer’s engineers and product managers are simply required to provide our medical cable product development specialists with access to a set of initial device specifications. Our team of medical cable development engineers then works collaboratively to complete the end-to-end cable design validation process from start to finish.

As an invaluable convenience, our cable design and manufacturing company has developed local engineering touch points in major medical hubs across the country; thus, our clients have access to available cable design engineering resources near their corporate headquarters, ensuring a constant exchange of communication from the U.S. to our strategic partners abroad. The American Biosurgical medical cable engineering product development staff has over 20 years in cable design for medical products, as well as manufacturing experience with medical cable assemblies. We prefer working face-to-face with our clients to better understand their R&D challenges and requirements.


Please contact us for more detailed information on how we can work with your engineers and product managers to develop medical cable design and engineering solutions for your company.

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